Extended Surface Cooler

Thanks to an important investment in a punching and expansion line, HTE is able to design and build Tube in Plate extended surface heat exchangers.
The products have been developed with a proprietary design to meet the needs of compressorists and operators in the field of industrial gas production in particular.
In Italy today HTE is the only medium-small size manufacturer to be able to supply this type of equipment for the oil & gas world

Our Fins

The possible geometries for our fins – smooth or turbulent are:

Diametro 16 -> 34×29

Diametro 16 -> 40×35

Diametro 16 -> 60×30

Diametro 16 -> 30×30

Diametro 12 -> 30×26

Diametro 9,5 -> 25×21,65

High pressure air aftercooler extend suface with built-in moisture separator

High pressure N2 extended surface cooler

Construction facilities

Extended surface cooler (tube in plate – Es cooler – alluminium fins). Main application are in oil and gas and compression system.

Extended surface – Air coolers

Extended surface – Air coolers

Extended Surface – Air coolers - LINDE project