For the construction of its equipment and systems, Hte has always collaborated with various companies in northern Italy specializing in boilers, mechanics and the assembly of skid pipes and systems.

HTE Main office

The Main office is in Gorgonzola via Sicilia n.1 in the surroundings of Milain. Here we have the General direction , the commercial and technical office, the quality department and the ADMninistration and finance


The company is involved in the construction of pressure equipment and heat exchangers up to 25 tons in weight and with the complete assembly of skid systems. The site, like SINPRO HTE SHOP, is certified for construction in accordance with:

ASME VIII div I – Stamp U
PED 2014-68-EU
DNV Naval

Even complex chemical plants are preassembled and tested on site.

Via Provinciale  116
U-stamp  and CUTR 32 shop.
4500 sqr m Shop + 6000 sqr m  open area


The shop is specialized in the construction of PED pressure equipment, vessel, heat exchangers , vacuum distillation columns, reboilers, condensers, especially made in stainless steel.

via E.mattei 11/c

T.M. Tecnologie Meccaniche s.r.l.

The company is specialized in the construction of big PED or vacuum distillation tanks and columns ( up to diameters of 4 meters and 30 meters length), heat exchangers, and equipment for the alcoholic distillation for the food and beverage market. A special feature is the manufacturing of ful copper equipment.

With its 6,000 covered square meters and 12,000, in this shop we can build equipment up to 25 tons.

Strada Dei Laghi – Loc. Rigoni
53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
6000 sqr m Shop + 8000 sqr mtr open area