Tema type shell & tube heat exchanger

Hte and its founders has got over fifty years of experience in process and mechanical design of all types of TEMA heat exchangers.
In its more than 20 years of presence on the market Hte has supplied over 6000 equipment installed all over the world, from simple BEM type up to 25 tons units for high pressure oil & gas market.

In last years, HTE has developed particular competences in the supply of complex equipment for the chemical process industry and for the oil & gas market.

High pressure N2 booster aftercooler Siad mi Egypt - Air distallation plant

JGC – Petrofac project

38 heat exchanger – carbon steel – Admiralty Naval Brass – Ingersoll Rand centrifugal compressor API Skids.

JGC – Petrofac project

Complete Compressor Skid

Rapid Project – n. 16 BXS Tema Type coolers

Low fin AISI 316 bundle.

NItrogen boosters after-coolers

Finland Air distillation unit.

Special double-pipe stainless steel head excanger

CO2 coolers – BEU bundle

Direct fired MDEA regeneration Boiler

Copper components for ethanol food grade distillation plant

Distillation plant overhead condensers